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If you’ve been following me at all here or on Twitter, you should be aware of two things. One is that I love Planescape, and two is that I love Mythender. Today I’m going to talk about the two of them together.

Mythender is an awesome game that’s about to come out. It’s the brainchild of Ryan Macklin, and it’s all about deicide. He was kind and generous enough to let me (and others) get a sneak peek at it before he releases it into the wild, and I have to say it’s been fun reading it.

As I read it, I couldn’t help but think about Planescape. The marriage of these two things that I love just seemed natural.

Today, I’m going to make the Lady of Pain a Mythender. Let me cover some ground rules first.

  • This is my own take on her, so I may play with the canon somewhat. Deal with it if that’s a problem for you. The Lady of Pain is a Mythender, and this is what allowed her to enter Sigil and slay Aoskar. I’ll probably stat her up as a Myth in a later post, but it’s also fun to think of her remaining a Mythender even as ruler of Sigil.
  • I’m not going to delve too much into the mechanics (turns out creating a Mythender doesn’t require system knowledge, just knowledge of character creation). Regular readers might recall my post here where I did this before.
  • Planescape and the Lady of Pain are the property of Wizards of the Coast. I can’t take credit for them or allow you to use them in any context.

The Lady of Pain

Crusader Apostate of Portals

The Dream of Portals

A floating sea of mortals writhes within a grey void. They scream as some of them have their bodies ripped apart by the random opening and closing of portals. Others disappear into portals only to be vomited out seconds later as unrecognizable masses.


What belief or ideal do you fight for?

The magic of portals should be free and available to all, and there should be a place free from all Myths.

What happened to make you so angry with the world?

I saw the tyranny created by a so-called “god” and his ability to control portals by mere whim.

What reward do you expect?

The oblivion of non-existence

What Myth did you devote yourself to?

Aoskar, god of Portals

What was done to make you flee your oaths and bonds?

I saw the havoc wreaked when Aoskar refused a band of refugees safe passage back to their land through one of his precious portals. The pursuing band of yugoloths spared none of them, myself included.

What did you give that can never be replaced?

I gave up my emotions. Never again will I feel joy, or sadness, or anger.


  • My shadow of razors … is my weapon. (Intrinsic)
  • My army of dabus … is my weapon. (Companion)
  • My ability to project thought without speech … is my weapon. (Intrinsic)

Mortal Form

A beautiful woman with porcelain skin, wearing robes.

Mythic Forms

Personal Blight

Mortals begin to doubt their faith … in my presence.

Paragon Form

I appear as… a robed woman with glowing eyes.

Supernatural Form

I appear as… a robed woman with glowing eyes and no facial expression that hovers above the ground.

Godly Form

I appear as… a robed woman with glowing eyes and no facial expression, with a crown of razors, that hovers above the ground.

Fate’s Powers

My fate allows me to… imprison mortals’ bodies and minds, and open and close portals.


  • Bloodlust

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